Round 2: New Orleans to West Feliciana

by reclaimingradical

I’m doing it again folks, biking my way up to up to Louisiana State Penitentiary with 35 other riders from New Orleans to raise money for the Cornerstone Builders Bus Project

I hope you’ll consider donating and doing your own research into the incarceration industrial complex in the US. Given the intensity of police violence and continued building up of the private prison system that we’ve seen in the last year it’s especially necessary that we being to learn about the behemoth and address the deep rifts ids causing in our society. Here is some info about Louisiana’s Prison Industrial Complex. 

No contribution is too small.  If you’re wondering how much to chip in, I suggest a tenner.  

Thanks, thanks and love to everyone who donated last year. The group raised over $20,000 that went directly to help people see their incarcerated loved ones. And it so happened that I met some of the most wonderful caring intelligent and hilarious people on last years ride. What a group. 

Check out the Going to Angola post below for more info about the ride and click the Donate button below to donate via Paypal. Use my personal email (

 Here’s to another year, made possible by…. You!